The Way to Play Gwen (Abilities, Builds, and Tips)

Gwen is the next winner to strike Summoners Rift in 2021, along with the 155th complete winner. She’s an assassin fighter that will be performed at a solo lane such as top or mid.

Gwen has an intriguing idea, and my first impressions of her that she seemed like Alice from Alice in Wonderland due to her dress. Anyhow, she seems fairly cool, and I can not wait to perform with her on non-PBE ping.

Inside this Mobalytics manual, we’ll talk about some basic strategies about the best way best to play with Gwen Rune at League of Legends. Before we being, I wish to throw out a disclaimer. This manual isn’t meant to become an comprehensive guide.

It’s a fundamental guide to provide you with a few pointers that will assist you play her when she starts to the live servers.

If you would like to understand more advice about the best way best to perform as Gwen, find up-to-date assembles, and that she gets or lifts countered by, have a look at Gwen’s winner page.

Here are what we’ll be covering in this manual:

  • Gwen Ability Breakdown
  • Build (Runes and Items)
  • Fights and Skirmishes
  • Combos
  • Beginner Tips

Gwen Ability Breakdown

To begin any new winner manual, we have to first breakdown Gwen’s skills.

Fundamental attacks, the middle of her Q along with her R cope bonus damage and cure her.

Passive: Gwen’s fundamental strikes grant a pile of Snippy for a couple of seconds, which may pile up to 4 occasions.

Active: Gwen snips at least two times and around 6 times. Each extra snip will absorb her piles. The previous snip deals increased harm. At the middle of every snip, she copes authentic harm and implements her Passive.

Gwen summons a mist around her which lasts for 5 minutes or till she leaves the field of effect. She is able to recast it or it auto-recasts if Gwen tries to leave the region.

While she’s within the mist, she profits bonus defensive stats and becomes more untargetable to enemies besides towers out the mist.

Gwen’s E is Skip ‘n Slash

Gwen dashes into a goal location and profits bonus stats for 4 minutes. Gwen’s Basic attack timer is flashed, and also her very first automobile within the length will refund a few of her E’s cooldown. She is able to throw her E with any of her skills.

Gwen’s Ultimate is Needlework

Gwen can trigger her Ultimate 3 occasions, but she wants to automobile a goal or utilize her Q to use it . For her very first throw, she sticks out a needle, on the next throw she sticks 3 needles and about the last cast, she sticks 5 needles.

Every needle applies her Passive and slows the goal she strikes.

Gwen’s Build

We have done some testing on the PBE to learn what Runes are great for Gwen, also this is a setup we’ve come up . Realistically, the top build and rune webpage might not have been discovered for Gwen since not everybody has access to this PBE. The best build is available for her soon after her launch however.


We’ll upgrade the Runes and assemble for Gwen soon after her launching, so return after her launching to find out whether our installation has changed to her.