Real Estate Photography: The Importance of Real Estate Photography — From Clicking to Closing

A minimum of 88% of potential home buyers use the internet to find information ( Popular syndication websites such as,, and allow consumers to search for properties on their terms. The possibilities are endless. 63% percent of all online searches end in property walk-throughs.

What do these developments have to do with real estate photography? There is no time for complacency. The pressure is on. Agents must have photography that stands out and appeals directly to home buyers.

It is not only important to take real estate photographer tampa, but staging your home is just as important. It is important that all decor in the room be neutral to make it appealing to everyone who visits it. It is important to get rid of anything that may be associated with pets.

The process of buying a home starts with a click of a button. It can be the most important purchase you make in your entire life. It is vital that the first, most important exterior photo be taken before a property can be sold. A buyer will often narrow their search criteria using property search engine websites. They may also include elements like price, location and number of rooms. The next click is then based on photographs.

The following interior and exterior photographs will be displayed after clicking on the listing. These photos should confirm the initial click through decision, and motivate the viewer for a visit.

Real estate photographers excel at editing photos that have warm lighting and attractive angles. This leads to increased click through rates, and higher home interest. Redfin reports that 61% more clicks happen on houses taken by property photographers than those using point-and-shoot cameras.

Social media is becoming more important in the real estate industry and increasing its involvement. According to 90% of Realtors use some form of social media. reports that photos get the most “likes” on Facebook and the most “shares”. Photographs of high quality can increase click through rates on traditional MLS/syndication websites. Furthermore, they can be shared virally on social media networks with shareable appeal.

You can share photos on social networks like Instagram or Pinterest. Agents and sellers must take advantage these social networks to share photos and increase their reach.

The online industry has revolutionized the real estate market and home listings are now at buyers’ fingertips. Some websites allow buyers to sort results by how many photos they have, which proves that real-estate photos are important in their search. Photos can attract buyers’ attention when search engines display many homes according to buyer criteria. It is evident that real estate photography is important and will continue to be valuable with the digital evolution in the market.